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The vision of LEVE Housing is to develop a successful construction economy in Haiti. Currently, Haiti lacks a successful construction economy- and the devastating January 12, 2010 earthquake showed that to the world. The industry creates unaffordable and unsafe housing, and sadly, not much has changed in the re-building efforts. Haiti sets itself up for one disaster after the next, especially since the earthquake fault is yet to release the fullness of its tension, and hurricanes directly hit the island nearly every year.

The free market is the only place we will see long-term success in the construction economy of Haiti.


The Mission of LEVE Housing is to provide safer, affordable, homes for the Haitian people.

We study business models from all over the world in order to implement the best solutions in a way that integrates with the construction culture of Haiti. We work from the bottom-up to build safe and affordable homes, with access to infrastructure and financing.​



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