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In proposing solutions for the future of Haiti, we see two ways of thinking: from the top-down and from the bottom-up.

The top-down approach requires an assessment of the most pressing macro issues- for example, a priority list might include; policy reform in order to ease the cost of doing business, eradication of corruption, an increase in investment and exports, and infrastructure improvement.  These are nation-building issues.

The bottom up approach would attempt to provide building solutions, technologies, and methods that would work within the current political and economic state of Haiti.

Ultimately, a full solution must come from both ends.


Our Approach

LEVE Housing is working on the bottom-up approach. We aim to try to provide safe, affordable, housing options and methods that work within the current system, while at the same time working towards the systems improvement.

Strengthening Haiti's building economy does not have a simple answer, and will require improvements across multiple sectors from politics to the economy and we look forward to playing our part.


Our Strategy

In order to implement construction methods that work within the current climate of Haiti we see four main problems that we want to tackle: safety, efficiency, infrastructure, and financing.

·  Issue: Currently, a building code system is not appropriately developed for Haiti.  There are initiatives underway to complete this task, however even when the codes are complete, enforcement and education is not likely to be adequate.


​·  Solution: We want to provide the Haitian building economy with methods of building that allow them to build safely, even without enforcement of building codes and proper construction education.


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