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​Continental Construction


Continental Construction is a high-end residential home builder and developer. 

"At the heart of our vision is a commitment to integrity. Integrity in our thinking keeps our process focused on the end result, while still considering every facet and possibility.

Integrity at our craft resides in the measure of our workmanship. It resides in the knowledge that masterful craftsmanship is our benchmark. Integrity in our achievements is why the homes we build stand for life.

As a builder, we know that every structure requires a good foundation.       We have chosen integrity as our foundation."

-Continental Construction

Holland & Knight

Holland & Knight is a global law firm with more than 1,000 lawyers and other professionals.  Their lawyers provide representation in litigation, business, real estate and governmental law. 


Holland & Knight has a long tradition of public service.  Firm lawyers and professionals practice with a sense of community purpose and the recognition that they have a professional duty to provide free legal services to people in need as well as the organizations that assist them. 


Holland & Knight's Public and Charitable Service Department coordinates Holland & Knight's global pro bonocommunity service, and charitable giving initiatives across various sectors of community need. Though their outreach efforts vary among office locations throughout the world, they are united in their common goal to improve communities for all.


Construyendo is an association that seeks to promote solidarity in volunteering through construction projects to order to inspire people and to develop the country of Mexico. 

​They complete housing construction projects, aimed at meeting the basic needs of the beneficiary families, in the most needy communities of Mexico.


"By building together we can achieve a significant change in Mexico.           We build new opportunities, dreams, goals, dreams and hopes for our volunteers and benficiery families."  -Construyendo


Habvita is a Mexican company focused on the creation of comprehensive development through "assisted self-construction."

Habvita's innovative technology allows them to build simply, safely, and fast. 


​They also seek to satisfy the need for housing in communities by providing high levels of social support and financing options to low income families.

Their mission is to develop projects to meet the needs of disadvantaged communities through assisted self-construction projects built to the highest standards of quality, design, and sustainability.



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